About Us in Details (Vincent Ahwi & Co.) Chartered Accountants

Vincent Ahwi & Co. (Chartered Accountants) have been serving as Auditors and Tax Consultants to Governments, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) both within and outside the shores of Nigeria with 25 years’ experience. We also render audit and other financial and consulting services to the Budget Office of the Federation through the Federal Ministry of Finance for Verification of contractors and suppliers debts, the.African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja. We have been consulting Auditors and Tax Experts to the Department for International Development (DFID Nigeria), for many years. The DFID Nigeria is the umbrella body responsible for the execution of all the NGO projects of the British Government in Nigeria.

We also have international associates. Godwin Nede & Co., Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors of 416a Albany Road, London, SE5 ODH, and Jacob O. Balogun, Certified Public Accountant of   5308-104 Bragg Blvd., Fayetteville BC 28303, who could at our request, offer us representation services and professional support.  We have in the past availed ourselves of this arrangement and would do so again to minimize cost, should any client’s business require extensive work in Europe.

Our engagement teams are professionals equipped with relevant knowledge, skills time and expertise to perform the assignment(s). Our service delivery of quality audit report is based on our understanding of your business processes, accounting policies, internal controls, and financial reporting issues specific to your industry and organization. These professionals would include, as appropriate:
• Tax professionals to review your tax reserves and tax provision.

• IT advisory professionals to assess your information technology (IT) risk and test your IT controls.

• Forensic professionals to help the audit team identify the risk of financial statement, fraud and integrity risks, evaluate controls, and design and implement an appropriate audit plan.

• Valuation professionals may be asked to assess valuations and advise the audit team on valuation issues related to derivative instruments, hedging activities, business combinations, goodwill, intangible assets, asset retirement, impairment or disposal of long-lived assets, and stock- based compensation.

Our audit shall be carried out in a manner that help ensures all reporting deadlines, to the extent possible, are met including interim visits, if considered appropriate.

OUR TEAM: is usually made up of three categories to ensure quality and timely reporting:
a. Audit Engagement Partner;
b. Audit Engagement Manager; and
c. Quality Control and Independence System


At clients’ requests, we may accept clients’ staff on training attachments at our offices, for a specific length of time. We also organize lectures for client staff in their premises on any particular accounting routine. This latter kind of training is almost inevitable where a new system is to be introduced in an organization. It is intended to improve the proficiency and competence of client’s staff in set procedures or new systems, or as the case may be, in the use of any software including our own.

We also undertake training for skill transfer, organizing conferences and seminars, including workshops etc.

Mission and Vission Statements
Our Mission is to offer a top quality accounting, management and consultancy services, delivered by Nigerian professionals to their countrymen and the world in general.

Our Vision is to help our clients realize greater performance, make better decisions, and achieve strategic goals. We develop solutions from a client’s specific needs to realize a greater reliability, efficiency, and operational speed within the finance and business support functions of their businesses. This approach brings about measurable results that trigger explosive growth, fueled by client satisfaction.

In order to achieve our mission, we shall pursue our professional career with passion, updating and honing our skills by continuing education, training, seminars, and research. We are pledged to continue this tradition for as long as economics, commerce and industry are handmaiden of politics.


Projects Carried Out:
We have presently a good variety of work of an accounting and consultancy nature, contact persons and phone numbers. This list that follows provides a profile of businesses in which we have been engaged. We hope that our experience in this type of business enterprises may be appreciated and assessed in the context of your organization’s interests.
1 DFID, British Non-governmental outfit
2 African University of Sciences & Technology, Abuja, owned by a Non-Governmental Organization, Nelson Mandela Institution
3 Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State. We have acted as External Auditor
4 Multinational Craig Energy Services Ltd
5 UIDC Securities Limited
6 Ajamy Oil & Gas Limited, Lagos. We are currently in charge of the audit, tax and financial advisers and consultants
7 Jumak Photo lab Services Ltd
8 Leo Scruples Ltd
9 Techno Oil Limited
10 Direct Labour Agency, Asaba, Delta state. We are currently their External Auditor
11 Conoil Managed Satellite Filling Stations – Auditors& Management Consultants
12 Lagos State Internal Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Lagos State Government – Tax Consultants
13 Others